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"The Fluency Formula

for Rapidly Remembering Words and Phrases..."

IN any Language & With Zero Experience

If you've always wanted to speak, read and enjoy the benefits of knowing at least one other language, you cannot afford to miss this exclusive opportunity.

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With Dr. Anthony Metivier

For the first time ever, the world's leading memory expert is teaching his powerful methods for remembering words and phrases in record time... live!

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In This Exclusive Cohort Course, You Will Learn:

Secret #1:

Why and how polyglots like Benny Lewis use association to rapidly remember tons of vocabulary.

Secret #2:

The real reason to use the Memory Palace technique, and how to avoid common pitfalls.

Secret #3:

The truth about setting goals and powerful tactics and strategies for developing them correctly.

Secret #4:

How to turn language learning into a personalized game that is always fun, without having to sell your soul to an app.

BONUS: Signal Your Interest Now & Get 3 Exclusive Video Tutorials That Will Help You Remember Vocab & Phrases Fast


"I now remember whole chunks of passages in Koine Greek, and words of another language I’m learning with such ease that I often think it can’t be this easy."

Jeannie Koh Magnetic Memory Method Testimonial

Jeannie Koh


"The huge advantage of Anthony's teaching is that the word or phrase will be anchored in your brain immediately and there is no need to spend 30 minutes a day going through flashcards."

Mark Hilder Magnetic Memory Method Testimonial

Mark Hilder


“With your incredible help, I’ve been able to memorize the Greek alphabet (words and symbols) front words and backwards. I was very worried as I tackled this project, but your techniques were so very helpful.”

Kevin Wax Magnetic Memory Method Testimonial

Kevin Wax

More Highlights From Our Coming Magnetic Language Learning Cohort

My step-by-step framework for designing the perfect Memory Palace Network for learning ANY language, from scratch, with no previous experience using memory techniques.
The 7 deadly mistakes you MUST avoid when learning languages (these are what cost so many people $$$ in wasted course materials and language learning tutors when they get things wrong).
The unique method you can use to get almost unlimited phrases to stick faster. Use this to "muscle memory" tactic for maximum results!
My secret resources for finding the best language learning materials to dramatically increase your progress and pleasure as you learn.
With my simple revision formula you can rapidly start growing your  understanding of grammar without any additional work. 

Signal Your Interest Now & Get 3 Exclusive Video Tutorials That Will Help You Remember Vocab & Phrases Fast

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