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The Infinite MEMORY

Giordano Bruno (Perhaps the Greatest Memory Master of All!)

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Hi, I'm Dr. Anthony Metivier, bestselling author, TEDx Speaker and memory expert. I offer simple techniques for creating mental clarity, focus and stellar memory that directly improves your daily life. There’s no hype in my teaching, just fun and engaging techniques that work.

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How You Will Benefit From
The Infinite Memory Palace Technique?

Instantly Create & Assign Dozens of Memory Palace

Let's be real: No one lives forever.

But while you're here, there's no reason you can't snap your fingers and instantly have countless Memory Palaces. This book shows you how.

Embrace & Enjoy Complexity

Bruno didn't shy away from complex concepts. He leaned into them.

He was able to master complex physical topics and work on issues in astronomy because he trained his mind. You'll soon become a master of those dense and detailed topics you've worried you'll have to leave behind.

Vivid Variety in Your Mind

Many people feel like they're not creative.

You don't have to be, and Bruno has clear, direct and instant ways for you to rapidly make mnemonic associations based on information that is already in your mind. No work involved and no need to be creative. Just playful exercises that are fulfilling and fun.

Save Time

Bruno was a bit impatient with his students some time. Infinity is real, but human life doesn't last forever.

But don't worry. I won't let him get grouchy at you. I share with you the time saving techniques of his most successful student, Alexander Dicsone. You'll love his wit, unique examples and hilarious jokes – they're very memorable!

“AWESOME! Anthony offers so much better than all those mindless mnemonic lessons I've seen. The way you train is the way you fight."

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EXTRA BONUSFor those who get the book during the launch, I have an incredible supplementary training you're going to love. Let me know you want first dibs now! 🙂

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